are black light bulbs decorative

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  • What is a blacklight blue bulb?

  • A blacklight blue bulb is a light bulb that purposely blocks almost all visible light from leaving the bulb, so you’re left with only a dim purple (or violet) glow coming from the bulb. The rest of what comes from the bulb is beyond violet, or what we call ultraviolet — wavelengths that are too short for us to see with our eyes.

  • Are blacklight blue bulbs safe?

  • UVA, which is closest to the visible light spectrum, is the safest of the three, and this is primarily the type of UV light emitted by a black light. So occasional exposure to a blacklight blue bulb is not expected to cause any health problems.

  • What is the difference between black light blue and black light?

  • (The blacklight blue bulb’s light is more purple, or violet.) The light from a black light is much brighter than that from a blacklight blue bulb, because it doesn’t attempt to block all visible light from the bulb. These bulbs are perhaps most famously used in bug lights, or bug zappers.

  • Why do incandescent light bulbs make black lights?

  • Incandescent lights produce very little ultraviolet light, so they actually make poor black lights. Some consist simply of filters over other light sources that block visible light but permit the passage of ultraviolet wavelength.

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