are black light bulbs decorative

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  • What type of light does a black light bulb produce?

  • A black light bulb produces UVA light (as opposed to UVB light). These ultraviolet light frequencies are above violet on the spectrum and are invisible to the human eye.

  • Are blacklight blue bulbs safe?

  • UVA, which is closest to the visible light spectrum, is the safest of the three, and this is primarily the type of UV light emitted by a black light. So occasional exposure to a blacklight blue bulb is not expected to cause any health problems.

  • What is the difference between black light blue and black light?

  • (The blacklight blue bulb’s light is more purple, or violet.) The light from a black light is much brighter than that from a blacklight blue bulb, because it doesn’t attempt to block all visible light from the bulb. These bulbs are perhaps most famously used in bug lights, or bug zappers.

  • What is a BLB bulb?

  • Some consist simply of filters over other light sources that block visible light but permit the passage of ultraviolet wavelength. This type of bulb or filter generally produces light with a dim violet-blue cast, so the lighting industry designates these devices as BLB, which stands for blacklight blue.

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