how to decorate your flower bed

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Wooden 鈥渟oldiers鈥?around the base of a tree will bring your raised flowerbedto life. You can then plant onions, sage, dill, and chives, then throw in some orange and yellow blooms like chrysanthemums for pops of color. For added heigh

how to decorate cake edges

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What makes a good cake edges?
Sharp edges on ganache cakes are now the basics of good cake decorating. Almost all professionally decorated cakes you see have beautiful crisp share edges with perfectly straight sides all around.

how to decorate my house like a lodge

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With all the stone and wood in a lodge,there are a lot of jagged edges,so make sure there are places to settle in and absorb the view.Layered rugs,oversize leather furniture and window seatswill do the trick. Furniture with soul. The lod

how to decorate a wooden dining table

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How do you decorate a small dining room table?
Use the finish of your wall frames, hardware or light fixtures in your dining room to inspire a similar, pared-down centerpiece at home. Create a cozy and casual table design with a col

how to decorate front entrance of home

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Consider motion-sensing lights near the front door for added security. Use low-voltage lights to illuminate pathways,and put lanterns on posts for general yard lighting.Placing containers of flowersnear the front entry is an easy and ine

how to decorate notice board in office

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What are some fun office notice board ideas?
The Buzz Board is one of the fun office notice board ideas. It鈥檚 a chalkboard where you can post something new and buzzworthy every week. Photo courtesy of Joanne via the State of the O

how to decorate a twin bed

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Hang the wallpaper on the wall behind the twin bedsto create a focal point in the room and minimize the height of the beds. Oversized Print or Graphic Place an oversized print or stenciled graphic on the wall between the two beds, and al

must have cake decorating supplies

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What supplies do I need to decorate a cake?
23 Cake Decorating Supplies to go From Beginner to Pro Decorator. 1 Cake Tins Bakeware. Cake design starts way before the cake has ever been baked. Advanced planning is key to success esp

how to decorate zoom background

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Open, click鈥淐reate a Design鈥?/strong>button on the homepage and select 鈥淶oom Background鈥?template layout. Choose one Zoom background from the library and start customizing, or start with a blank canvas to design from

what is a home decorator called

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A home decorator is a professional who advises about and implements interior design and decoration. Home decorators can be classified asinterior designers, color and texture consultants, or stylists.
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What do you call so