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  • What inspired De De Wolfe to design?

  • De Wolfe came to see in these interiors the very qualities that she found wanting in Victorian dcor, namely light, air and comfort. Now sharing a home with Marbury, de Wolfe was encouraged by her partner to use the space as a canvas for her ideas about interior design.

  • Who is Dede Wolfe?

  • De Wolfe blazed a trail as she became the most popular decorator of her time, handing out business cards emblazoned with her signature wolf and nosegay motif.

  • What is Elsie De Wolfe famous for?

  • Elsie de Wolfe Known as 鈥淎merica鈥檚 first decorator,鈥?De Wolfe boasted a lifestyle as glamorous as her decor. Born in New York City in 1865, her history reads not just as one wild romance and adventure novel, but several different ones. In her youth, she was educated in Scotland…

  • Why is Elsie De Wolfe called the mother of interior decoration?

  • Even at a young age, de Wolfe had decisive ideas about design, and she resolved to make it her life鈥檚 mission to surround herself instead with beauty. It was a calling that would reward her with fame, fortune and lasting renown as 鈥渢he mother of interior decoration.鈥?A 1925 image of Elsie de Wolfe.

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