do guys decorate graduation caps

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  • How to decorate your graduation cap?

  • Use a pencil to start creating your graduation cap You don鈥檛 have to cut out a circle for the tassel button 鈥淒ecorating My Grad Cap + Vlog鈥?#160; We really like this grad cap tutorial because it鈥檚 also a vlog so you鈥檙e able to watch the steps to decorating your grad cap.

  • Why choose custom Grad cap design by Chaney?

  • Chaney also shows you absolutely every step she took to design her custom grad cap. She also paints the grad cap instead of gluing on grad cap decorations which adds a nice, personal touch to the final look 鈥?and experience. 鈥淒ecorating My Graduation Cap鈥?/div>How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap for Dummies 鈥?Tassel

  • How long should you wear your graduation cap?

  • Of course, you鈥檒l only wear your graduation cap for a few hours at most; when you consider that you might spend more time decorating the cap than you鈥檒l spend wearing, the whole process might seem a bit silly. However, you are dressing up for the most expensive piece of paper you will ever receive.

  • Will my graduation cap fall off during the ceremony?

  • Your graduation cap deserves to have enough time and attention to make it something special. If you wait until the last minute to start it, you鈥檒l most likely find yourself scrambling to make sure all the decorations dry in time; naturally, this is a great way to ensure that something will fall off during the ceremony.

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