how long should fondant decorations dry

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24 to 30 hours

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  • Does fondant need to dry before decorating?

  • Fondant need to be left to dry before being used to decorate your cake or baked treat. The reason for this is that if the fondant decoration is not dry before usage, it wouldn鈥檛 hold its shape. Any decoration that needs to have structure (shoe, bag, crown etc) has to be left to dry.

  • How far in advance should fondant be made?

  • Make your fondant several days before you plan to serve it. Air-drying fondant is a reliable way to avoid overdrying, but it is time-consuming. Make your fondant far enough in advance so it can be dry by the time you’re ready to serve the cake. Air-drying fondant can take up to 36 hours, depending on thickness.

  • How long does Marshmallow fondant take to dry?

  • Marshmallow fondant takes up to a week or longer to dry. You can add gum-tex, tylose or even denture powder to your fondant to give it more gumpaste qualities. I’m near the ocean (high humidity) and my fondant never dries hard.

  • How many layers of fondant do you put on a cabinet?

  • The layers may be just one depending on the size of the cabinet and the volume of fondant decoration that you make per time. The light bulb would help fight humidity and absorb any moisture in the fondant flowers or decorations. We also have an article about fondant/ gum paste flowers; click here to read it.

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