how to become a home decorator

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Study design principles

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  • How do I become an interior decorator?

  • This article has been viewed 414,895 times. To become an interior decorator, help your friends decorate their houses to gain experience. You should also consider taking interior design classes to expose yourself to different styles of decorating.

  • What licenses do I need to be an AtHome decorator?

  • Home decorators also have the option of self-employment. If you choose to work for yourself, you’ll need business savvy and appropriate licensing and permits from your state.

  • What skills do you need to be a decorator?

  • Decorators must have an eye for color and the ability to create a mood using patterns, flooring, lamps and wall dcor. This position will require you to stay on top of trends since your clients will look to you to bring their homes into style.

  • What does a home decorator do?

  • Home decorators, also known as interior decorators or designers, customize rooms and buildings using furnishings, textures, lighting and color. To find out whether your interest in a decoration career is worth the realities of the business, check out the pros and cons chart.

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