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  • How to decorate a dining room table?

  • By allowing your dining table to be mostly free of decorations and clutter, you can use the space for more than just eating! You can use wax or another product with a glossy finish to keep your table gleaming and looking great. Lay a tablecloth or runner in the center of the table. For a rectangular or square table, use a runner.

  • Are there any simple table decorations that look good?

  • There are tons of simple table decorations that look just as striking as the elaborate stuff, and since they demand a fraction of the time and effort, they鈥檙e worth having in your repertoire. Ahead, we鈥檝e rounded up 51 simple table decoration ideas that will transform your table in just a few steps.

  • How to decorate an entry table?

  • An interesting way to decorate your entry table is to keep pieces confined to the middle area. It will make your table appear longer and create the illusion of space. Here鈥檚 another idea of how to use seasonal dcor to your advantage.

  • How to decorate a table for a birthday party?

  • For children鈥檚 birthday party 鈥?choose pastel colors and decorate with handmade cardboard figures. Place packing paper on the table and give the kids something to paint 鈥?and they will take upon themselves the rest. The table decoration for an engagement party can benefit from flowers and tea lights.

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