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Turn the Space above your ToiletInto Shelving One great way to decorateyour toiletis by turning the extra space above the toiletinto shelving. This creates the perfect space for holding bathroom essentials, while also adding in some nice decor.

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  • How to decorate a small toilet?

  • Cool wallpapers, a fancy sink, a gorgeous chandelier and probably a small under-sink cupboard are things you need to choose. We鈥檝e gathered for you a bunch of guest toilet designs to help you choose. Printed wallpaper is a hot idea to decorate walls and guest toilets are no exception 鈥?you may go for any you like to make this small space stand out.

  • How to modernize your toilet tank decor?

  • Modernize your toilet tank dcor by placing a metal frame over the items you wish to store there. This metal frame has a slight shelf on the bottom so you are able to store additional toilet tissue rolls, a potted plant, and even a tea light votive for a classy, elegant look.

  • What can I hang above the toilet?

  • Some homeowners opt to hang a small decorative mirror above the toilet. Mirrors can help give the illusion of space, and may make a small half-bath feel a bit more spacious.

  • How do you decorate a bathroom with a small space?

  • As for decor, you may try a gallery wall, potted plants, signs and maybe a mirror in the frame that matches the style. Add baskets for storage if there鈥檚 enough space or go for boxes on the shelves over the toilet. Get inspired!

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