how to decorate a bathtub

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  • How to decorate a small bathroom?

  • Unique wallpaper or tile patterns will give your small bathroom design a beautiful flair. Go for a chic black and white color scheme and add a few fun pops of color throughout your decor. 51. Themed Gallery Wall No one says you can鈥檛 have a gallery wall in your bathroom. But be sure to keep it small and coordinated for a cohesive look. 52.

  • Can You decorate a glass bathtub door?

  • Although the glass lets a lot of light into the bath area, it doesn’t provide much privacy for the bather and can make plain bathrooms look cold and bare. When you decorate the bathtub glass door, you add your own personal touch to the space and provide privacy, color and texture to the room.

  • How do you make a rustic bathroom look good?

  • To accomplish a rustic-themed bathroom, consider introducing reclaimed wood, brick and black hardware to the space. 72. Contrasting Color Scheme Suprisingly, going for a few contrasting colors can create unity and flow. Colors like blue and yellow will make your bathroom look bright and youthful. 73. Outdoorsy Vibe

  • How to decorate a small bathroom with a Mexican theme?

  • For a small, all white bathroom, add a bit of color with a fun shower curtain. This Mexican desert theme curtain, cactus and plush rug will make your bathroom a fun space to get ready in. 9. Mismatch Wall Art Gallery

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