how to decorate a bay window with curtains

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Curtain ideas for bay windows can be expensive and tricky to fit around curves and bends, so fitting a separate pole at each window is a good option.Hang a pair of curtains at the middle window and then frame each side with another curtain. This will create an extremely sophisticated look, bringing the focus to the bay.

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  • How do you decorate a bay window in a bedroom?

  • Hang curtains across the front of the bay For a simply, fuss-free look, hang a thin wire rail across the front of the bay window and use a light muslin or linen curtain to create privacy without blocking out the light. For a savvy bedroom curtain ideas you could use a black out material, to ensure total darkness for a better night鈥檚 sleep.

  • How do I choose the best bay window curtains?

  • Your front door is another opportunity to tie your bay window curtain ideas together with the rest of your home. For example, if your front door is a bright color or has large glass panes that you want to highlight, use curtains with the same colors and pattern.

  • What is the purpose of a bay window curtain rod?

  • The windows themselves surround a radiator topped by a cushioned built-in bench. A long, straight curtain rod hung on the ample header space supports floor-to-ceiling panels. When the bay window curtains are open, they act as a decorative picture frame for the window seat and the view beyond.

  • How to decorate a bay window with Roman shades?

  • For example, try using sheer curtains behind the roman shades or go with something that has a texture like velvet or suede. Let your bay window curtains drape loosely around the windows for an airy feel that鈥檚 really open and inviting. This is especially perfect if you have big, fluffy pillows on your sofa or chairs.

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