how to decorate a beige sofa with pillows

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Create contrast with dark-colored pillowsto liven up the room. Take advantage of the pale, neutral beigeof your sofaby introducing bold shades in your pillows. Pick a shade that鈥檚 in your floor rug or a piece of art in your room, or just go with your favorite color.

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  • How to decorate a beige sofa?

  • Using pillows and blankets in the same color is another way to add to a beige sofa. The three pillows on both sides of the sectional almost blend into the back of the couch. A light-gray blanket on the lounge part also adds to the design on the couch.

  • What color throw pillows go with a beige sofa?

  • Another great throw pillow color combo that works well with a beige sofa is muted yellow. This color is very similar to beige, but since it is two shades darker, it will stand out against the sofa. You may also add other pillow or cushion colors to soften the yellow. Feel free to pick any fabric you鈥檙e comfortable with.

  • How to decorate a sofa with pillows?

  • Find a pillow with an ornate design you like, or a word, letter, or image and place this pillow in the middle of the sofa, with several complimentary pillows on each side, for a personalized look. Look for pillows that have different textures, such as ropes or beads. Have a focal pillow based on the season.

  • How to decorate a beige sofa with palm plants?

  • Accent the conversation area with a couple of indoor palm plants for a touch of greenery and to enhance the exotic look. If your beige sofa is on the brighter side or close to white, use bright accent colors such as red, blue, orange, green, yellow or violet.

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