how to decorate a broken mirror

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Don鈥檛 throw your mirrorframe away after breakinga mirror. It can be repurposed into a beautiful picture frame. You can paint and decoratethe frame to your liking, and even add pieces of the broken glass to the frame to give it sparkle. Add a cardboard back for the mounting of your picture and the picture of your choosing.

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  • What to do with a broken mirror?

  • You don鈥檛 have to throw away the broken mirror you just have to be innovative and make something out of it. Mirrors are very effective and they can make your space magical. Check this amazing ideas that might help you鈥?/div>13 Amazing Ideas How to Reuse Your Broken Mirror

  • How do I decorate a mirror?

  • To decorate a mirror, try changing up the frame by painting it a different color, wrapping decorative rope around it, or taking it off completely and replacing it with a new frame. To decorate the mirror itself, attach images to the outer edges of the mirror, like pictures of you and your friends or pages from your favorite magazine.

  • How to make your walls look magical with broken pieces?

  • Put broken pieces of mirror on the floor and make it look shiny鈥?5. Cool idea how to make your walls look magical鈥?6. Use broken pieces and make big amazing mirror鈥?7. Make interesting wall dcor鈥?/div>13 Amazing Ideas How to Reuse Your Broken Mirror

  • Can you recycle broken glass and mirror?

  • Recrafting broken glass and mirror means that there would be fewer glass objects lying around in landfills or in the bin. Therefore, less space will be taken up by glass. These unique decorative pieces can also be gifted to your loved ones. They are perfect for either home or office use.

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