how to decorate a broken mirror

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Don鈥檛 throw your mirrorframe away after breakinga mirror. It can be repurposed into a beautiful picture frame. You can paint and decoratethe frame to your liking, and even add pieces of the broken glass to the frame to give it sparkle. Add a cardboard back for the mounting of your picture and the picture of your choosing.

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  • What to do with an old mirror frame?

  • Turn that mirror frame into a great white board. If the glass is broken or you just have an old mirror that you aren鈥檛 using any longer, this is a great way to upcycle it. Just cut a foam white board to size and attach it to your mirror frame.

  • How to make Broken Mirror Art step by step?

  • Broken Mirror Art! Step 1: BREAK THAT MIRROR!. Find a large mirror or two to break. Because I was making 3 large (2′ x 3′) pieces of art, I… Step 2: Glue the Mirror Pieces to Your Wood. Now, once again, I try not to buy as much as possible (why should we when… Step 3: Remove Excess Mastic. I …

  • What should I do if I Break a mirror?

  • **If you are superstitious about breaking a mirror, ask a glass/mirror cutting shop for their broken mirrors/mirror pieces, or just accidentally drop your newly-found mirror on the floor 😉 ** IMPORTANT NOTE: When you break your mirror (s), be SURE to wear protective gloves and eye wear, plus long sleeves, pants, and closed-toed shoes.

  • How to decorate with mirrors in your home?

  • When thinking of ideas for decorating with mirrors in your home, it鈥檚 important to keep the scale and theme of your decor in mind. A large modernistic mirror will stand out negatively in a charmingly rustic room. But the right mirror decoration ideas can tie the look of a room together while adding light and liveliness to your home.

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