how to decorate a cage

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Tie the string of pearls around the top of the cage to hold it in place and let the ends dangle down.Fill the beaded birdcage with flowers,colorful leaves,or candles for weddings,anniversaries,and swanky birthday parties.As an alternative,wrap a string of pearls around faux roses or vines and drape the flowers diagonally around the cage for a cleaner look.If you鈥檙e hanging the beaded birdcage in your home for casual decor,fill it with a variety of objects like antique trinkets,small figurines,books,plants,or whatever you like.

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  • How to decorate a bird cage?

  • You can find a gorgeous vintage bird cage, and it would be a great dcor piece in itself 鈥?next to a potted plant or a vintage mirror frame. Maybe you can put some antique books inside a large bird cage 鈥?it鈥檒l be a great idea. There are also stands and flat racks that are in the shape of a bird cage.

  • How many flowers do I need to decorate a cage?

  • Roses, peonies, buttercups, hydrangea, and gardenias are all good choices because their sturdy stems make them easy to attach to the bars. Place a pile of 6 or 7 blooms in the center of the cage and attach 5 to 6 on the outside of the cage or, for a minimalist look, place 1 to 3 large blooms inside the cage.

  • How to plant a birdcage garden?

  • Step 1: Put a layer of moss at the bottom of the birdcage. Step 2: Line the moss with a layer of soil. You can also add water-retaining gel granules which will help protect your plant from dry spells. Step 3: Fit your plants gently in the soil. If you have planted succulents, adding a layer of rock or sand on top of the soil might be a nice touch.

  • What do you put in a vintage Birdcage?

  • Add a colorful stack of pretty dishes to the inside of your birdcage, along with a few glasses and a shapely creamer or sugar. How easy is that? If you can feed the 5000 with your dishes stash like I can, the sky is the limit on the decorative possibilities here;) Honestly, anything en masse looks wonderful in a vintage birdcage.

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