how to decorate a cake with berries

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  • How do you decorate a cake with strawberries?

  • Combine strawberries with other berries for a more colorful look. Arrange sliced strawberries in overlapping rings on top of the cake. Leave a cup-sized gap in the middle, then fill the gap with blueberries. Blackberries or raspberries will also work for this.

  • What do you put on top of a cake with berries?

  • Even a hodgepodge arrangement of berries strewn over the top of a cake looks gorgeous if you give the berries a shiny coat. Use caramel or honey for a ready-made glaze lightly drizzled over the berries, or mix powdered sugar with lemon juice, maple syrup, fruit-flavored liqueurs or raspberry jam to make your own thick glaze.

  • How do you fill a blueberry cake with raspberries?

  • Press blueberries across the cake in straight lines, from bottom to top. Top the blueberry layer with the 4 cakes, filling the middle with whipped cream. cover the cake in whipped cream and press raspberries into the cream, across the sides.

  • How do you add sugar to berries before baking?

  • To add a sugary sheen to the berries, brush them with egg whites, sprinkle them with coarse sanding sugar, and let them dry at least four hours before placing them on the cake.

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