how to decorate a candy cart

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  • How do you decorate a bar cart?

  • Add Some Art Pinterest. Level up by placing your bar cart in front of a similarly themed painting. Your bar cart should be a reflection of your own personal home decor style, so go ahead and place a fun print or other piece of art on it or above it. 12. Display A Cool Bust

  • What can you put on a bar tray instead of a cart?

  • In lieu of a cart, a portable bar tray will certainly get the job done. Keep it stocked with your favorite liquors, a few cute straws and maybe a decorative object or two. If you have room, you can even add a couple of your favorite glasses to have at-the-ready for when you need a quick drink. 6. Add Your Record Player Chronicles of Frivolity.

  • What should I consider when buying a bar cart?

  • When choosing a bar cart, be sure to pick one that fits your storage needs. Wine drinkers may want a built-in wine rack, while those with limited cabinetry space may want a bar cart with hanging storage for glasses.

  • What can you store in a triple-decker bar cart?

  • This triple-decker bar cart is a great place to store all that party decor you wanted to keep just in case. And, it鈥檒l make any bar cart look instantly festive in the case of unexpected company. 18. Spread It Out

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