how to decorate a candy cart

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  • How do you decorate a bar cart?

  • Add Some Art Pinterest. Level up by placing your bar cart in front of a similarly themed painting. Your bar cart should be a reflection of your own personal home decor style, so go ahead and place a fun print or other piece of art on it or above it. 12. Display A Cool Bust

  • How to decorate a candy bar for Christmas?

  • a chic white candy bar of a cart, banners, paper pompoms, lots of candies in jars is a very chic idea a chic vintage candy bar with an elegant vintage cart, a doily, candles, blooms and a sign for decor a chic candy bar with a grey tablecloth and a banner, paper popoms over the table and candies placed on crates and on stands

  • How do you decorate a tea cart?

  • Take a bland tea cart and enhance it with bright and bold colors to create a dramatic and fun bar cart for your home. This variation on a familiar technique comes from Sasha, at the Tattooed Martha lifestyle blog. Her version includes a clear-coat finish applied over the fresh spray paint.

  • What can you put on a bar tray instead of a cart?

  • In lieu of a cart, a portable bar tray will certainly get the job done. Keep it stocked with your favorite liquors, a few cute straws and maybe a decorative object or two. If you have room, you can even add a couple of your favorite glasses to have at-the-ready for when you need a quick drink. 6. Add Your Record Player Chronicles of Frivolity.

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