how to decorate a huge living room

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10 Decorating Tips to Cozy Up Any Large Living RoomCreate Boundaries With an Oversized Rug. …Go Bold With Your Design. …Get the Lighting Right. …Swap a Large Sectional for Two Couches. …Incorporate Bulky Built-Ins. …Create Multiple Seating Areas. …Go Long. …Always Be Prepared With Additional Seating. …Go Wild With Prints. …Take On the Texture. …

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  • How to decorate a large living room wall?

  • If you鈥檙e wondering how to decorate a large living room wall, an effective solution is to get your art on and hang a large canvas or another piece of wall art. A large painting, print or photograph will create a grand focal point in your space, frame a fireplace or sofa wall perfectly and add personality to your room.

  • How to bring life to a large living room?

  • It can be fun and also challenging to bring life to a large living room through decorating it. Stay true to your style as you consider different design elements, such as the furniture, the wall space and accessory options, in order to decorate your large living room as a warm and inviting place.

  • How to arrange living room furniture in a large space?

  • When arranging living room furniture in a large space, remember to be generous with your spacing 鈥?even more than you would be in a smaller space.

  • What makes a large living room look contemporary?

  • Large living room ideas that use two tone walls that go all the way up can accentuate high ceilings and give the space a dramatic flair. The contemporary feel of this space is carried out by the modern light fixtures, squat square windows that let ample light in, and the choice of modern furniture and dcor seen in the room.

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