how to decorate a large wall niche

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If the nicheis small, choose small furniture or decor. If the nicheis large, choose larger pieces. Finally, add some finishing touches to make the nichelook finished. Add a rug, a few plants, or some other decorativeitems.

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  • Where can I use wall niches in my home?

  • Welcome to our gallery of wall niche ideas including living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom designs. Wall niches work as a built-in shelf in your home. They can be installed pretty much anywhere and can especially useful in homes that don鈥檛 have a lot of floor space to add shelves or cabinets.

  • What to do with an unusually shaped niche?

  • Sometimes the best way to deal with a really unusually shaped niche or bulkhead is to build it out to make a flat wall. Here, the built-in storage also acts as an interesting headboard, giving the room a more structured feeling without wasting space.

  • Why decorative moulding around a wall niche?

  • Decorative moulding around the niche not only highlights the niche itself, but makes it a more intentional and purposeful part of your room鈥檚 design. Draw your guests鈥?eyes to your wall niche by displaying a statement piece there. A niche itself can make a statement, and displaying a carefully-chosen item can up the statement factor even more.

  • What is the best way to decorate a wall niche with shelving?

  • Wall niches with shelving can be a great place to show off your favorite decor and bring your unique style to the room design. This can also be an excellent way to incorporate matching color decor to tie in different design elements for a cohesive look.

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