how to decorate a large wall niche

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Paint, tile, and mouldingA small change can go a long way to make a wall niche the focal point in a room. By using a contrasting color of paint or adding a tile backdrop, you can easily elevate your niche into something more special and intentional.

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  • How do you use wall niches to decorate a room?

  • With your wall niches in place, just adding a light to each one will make a big change to a room. They really can be purely decorative you know! 5. To make more of dead space.

  • Why decorative moulding around a wall niche?

  • Decorative moulding around the niche not only highlights the niche itself, but makes it a more intentional and purposeful part of your room鈥檚 design. Draw your guests鈥?eyes to your wall niche by displaying a statement piece there. A niche itself can make a statement, and displaying a carefully-chosen item can up the statement factor even more.

  • What to do with an unusually shaped niche?

  • Sometimes the best way to deal with a really unusually shaped niche or bulkhead is to build it out to make a flat wall. Here, the built-in storage also acts as an interesting headboard, giving the room a more structured feeling without wasting space.

  • What is a wall niche and what are the benefits?

  • A wall niche is a great way to maximize room space without sacrificing other design elements. With the proper construction and lighting, a wall niche is the ideal way to display the items that are most beloved by homeowners.

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