how to decorate a mantel farmhouse style

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One of the easiest way to decorate a farmhouse style mantel is to usebrowns and muted colors. You can add some popular items such as wood frames, mason jars, fall flowers, blankets, books, and picture frames. You can see how flowers and greenery, faux pumpkins, books and farmhouse style tobacco basket used in above picture.

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  • What to do with a farmhouse mantel?

  • This farmhouse mantel combines a number of design elements into a pleasing arrangement that can be updated for each season. In the middle hangs a small glassless window with an embroidery hoop wreath. Small sized globes decorate one side of the mantel. A vintage milk box with a stenciled sign sits on the other side. 6.

  • How to decorate a modern farmhouse with modern and vintage style?

  • An easy way to mix modern and vintage while still getting a farmhouse look overall is to place a large piece of modern art over your mantel. The black and white in this striking piece of art draws your eye to the mantel and gives it a stylish look without much effort at all.

  • How to decorate a living room with a mantle?

  • Having candles on the mantle will give you a warm glow in your living room even when your fire isn鈥檛 lit. A moss wreath adds an element of nature to the mantel, giving it a relaxing look overall as well as adding a splash of color, and the basket of pinecones finish off the look nicely.

  • What do you put on a mantel for Christmas?

  • This stunning Christmas mantel combines rustic touches with modern elegance. Standing at the back of the mantel is a silhouette of a deer. White trees and Santas fill out the mantel, along with a generous pine garland with cones attached. The stockings are knit of a soft white yarn with pom-poms for texture. 26. A Little Pop of Color

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