how to decorate a mantel farmhouse style

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One of the easiest way to decorate a farmhouse style mantel is to usebrowns and muted colors. You can add some popular items such as wood frames, mason jars, fall flowers, blankets, books, and picture frames. You can see how flowers and greenery, faux pumpkins, books and farmhouse style tobacco basket used in above picture.

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  • How do you decorate a farmhouse fireplace mantel?

  • Surround your fireplace with charming accessories, including artwork, vintage items, plants, and more, to incorporate the style into your mantel decor. These farmhouse mantel ideas will make your space feel warm and comforting all year long. Antiques, architectural salvage, and thrifted finds are perfect for farmhouse mantel decor.

  • What kind of art should you put on a farmhouse mantel?

  • Abstract art is a great way to add color and give your farmhouse mantel a designer look. The larger abstract piece of art is the main focal point here, with its black frame contrasting against the white panelling beautifully. The smaller unframed artwork layers beautifully against the larger piece, with the colors tying everything together nicely.

  • How to decorate a modern farmhouse with modern and vintage style?

  • An easy way to mix modern and vintage while still getting a farmhouse look overall is to place a large piece of modern art over your mantel. The black and white in this striking piece of art draws your eye to the mantel and gives it a stylish look without much effort at all.

  • What is a farmhouse mantel?

  • This subtle mantel relies on a 鈥渇armhouse鈥?lettered sign as its focal point. Greens in galvanized pails flank the sign on either side. Books with their spines turned inward for a more unified look come next, and then two pedestals with pillar candles.

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