how to decorate a mantel with a tv above

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  • How can I make a mantel look good with a TV?

  • You can really make a mantel look great by adding low decor under the TV and anchoring the sides with larger, taller decor. The taller side decor can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, but it doesn鈥檛 need to be overdone. A simple lantern, vase or greenery will work just fine! 2. I love the idea of adding sconces to the side of the TV.

  • What is the best position for a TV on a mantle?

  • The middle right under the TV and the two sides. The middle can be the hardest area to decorate because you typically have the most limited space between the bottom of the TV to the mantel. My solution for this would be to place something with a low profile.

  • Why did you choose this arrangement for your mantel?

  • The reason I chose this arrangement is that you see our mantel when you walk into the front door. I didn鈥檛 want the TV to be the first thing you see when coming into my house. Granted, you can see it from the side, but that鈥檚 not as obtrusive to me. And not to say that having the TV right there would have been a bad choice.

  • What can I use to decorate the side of a mantle?

  • I love using a pothos plant or any plant that vines. This allows it to drape down the side of your mantel. Another form of greenery would be to do a vase with florals. Be creative but one of your elements should be greenery.

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