how to decorate a narrow corridor

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Mirrors,too,are great for narrow corridors,as they tend to increase the sense of space. In this picture,the full-height mirror on the longitudinal wall is doing the trick. The all-white decor reflects light and adds to the sense of spaciousness.

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  • How can I make a long narrow corridor look bigger?

  • Get creative with an alternative feature wall idea. 鈥楢 great trick for making a long narrow corridor bigger is to paint the walls in a really pale colour (or white) and the farthest wall in a much richer colour鈥?suggest Marianne.

  • How to design a hallway in a corridor?

  • You can, for example, place in the corridor a narrow hallway up to 30 cm (or even up to 25 cm), a corner hallway or a modular hallway. Narrow hallway: the height at least to the ceiling, and the width of the roads every centimeter (open, closed or mixed depends on your personal preferences);

  • How to light a narrow hallway?

  • A well-planned hallway light idea will ensure a narrow hallway feels more inviting and generous. For immediate hallways, with a corridor like feel aim to place lighting centrally in the ceiling, to create a pool of light in the middle of the space.

  • How to decorate a corridor with uncluttered walls?

  • A beautiful rug or fabric runner can induce a similar effect. Horizontal and diagonal stripes work best in visually widening a slender area. You can also try patterned carpets in a corridor with uncluttered walls. 15. Shout out to muted tones

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