how to decorate a narrow corridor

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A narrow corridor will appear wider if you decorate it with alight carpet,especially in a horizontal strip. The same applies to wooden flooring – it is recommended to lay the boards perpendicularly,and not parallel to the walls. Two carpets will help visually break and bring comfort in a long narrow corridor.

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  • How to design the design of a narrow corridor?

  • By the way, dark doors against the background of lighter walls are another useful idea for the design of a narrow corridor, which allows to visually increase the area of 鈥嬧€媠pace. Note that when choosing the finishing materials for walls, it is worth paying special attention to wear resistance, shockproof and ease of maintenance.

  • How to decorate a long corridor with sconces?

  • For example, wall lights are a popular choice for a long narrow corridor. Hang the sconces near the mirrors, glass or other shiny elements in the corridor and they will beautifully shatter the space and give a refined touch to the boring long wall.

  • How to make a hallway look like a corridor?

  • This smart use of colour helps to break up a solid corridor of walls. In a particularly narrow hallway paint the lower half of the wall slightly less than waist height 鈥?especially if using a dark colour. This will avoid the darker tone from overpowering and having the reverse effect to making the corridor-like space feel more open. 4.

  • How do you decorate a narrow hallway?

  • Decorative hanging and ceiling lights will add style and comfort to the design of the narrow corridor, especially in combination with paintings or other wall decor. Spot lights and built-in LED backlight illuminate the narrowest and narrowest corridor, and even give it an unusual style.

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