how to decorate a split level home

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Adding a porch or porticoto create a more spacious, sheltered entry is an effective enhancement to the split-level鈥檚 curb appeal. A simple covered walkway along one side of the house leading to the front door is another approach to add curb appeal. Update the lighting to provide a welcoming atmosphere after dark.

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  • How do you decorate a split-level home?

  • For a funkier look and more appealing style, trade out traditional stairs for something a bit more artistic. Instantly this split-level space turns into something more trendy and contemporary. 6.Create a Moment. Right when your guests walk in, create something special that connects the bottom level to the top.

  • Are there any split level House remodel before and after ideas?

  • Those are the split level house remodel before and after ideas that we can share with you. If you notice, they are also the solution to problems that people often face when having the kind of residence. Some other ideas that we share here can also inspire you to use the space inside your split-level house maximally.

  • What is considered a split-level house?

  • Before we dive too deeply into the types of split-level homes, it鈥檚 important to know exactly what is considered a split-level house. Although each type of split-level home is different from one another, they all share the same characteristic of having multiple floors that are connected by short flights of stairs.

  • How to add extra exterior living space in a split-level house?

  • A Deck or a Patio to add Extra Living Space in the Exterior of a Split-Level House Another problem that most people with split-level houses often face is the difficulty in adding extra exterior living space. The reason is none other but the uneven land leveling. In this case, building deck can be the best solution that you should consider.

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