how to decorate a twin bed

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Hang the wallpaper on the wall behind the twin bedsto create a focal point in the room and minimize the height of the beds. Oversized Print or Graphic Place an oversized print or stenciled graphic on the wall between the two beds, and allow each headboard to overlap the print on one side.

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  • How do you decorate a room with two twin beds?

  • An accent wall behind the twin beds acts as an attractive focal point. Paneling, wallpaper or a bold paint color can all work perfectly to complement the decor and finish of a room. Rooms that have an off-centered window or a space too tight for a double bed, benefit from the side by side positioning of two twin beds.

  • Can you use twin beds in a guest bedroom?

  • Using twin beds in a guest bedroom is perfect for the cottage or beach house. And what better way to make it look great than by going along with the beach theme? This room from Decorative Bedroom keeps it fresh and white with some bursts of yellow.

  • How do I choose the best bedding for twins?

  • Decide on bedding for each child. If your twins have the same favorite cartoon or book character, bedding that matches this preference can be used on both beds. However, if you鈥檇 like to keep things specific to each child, purchase the same style bedding in each child鈥檚 favorite color.

  • What colour goes with a twin canopy bed?

  • The dcor of the room is planed down to the smallest detail. Use strong contrasts to highlight some particular design details such as the sculptural frames of these twin canopy beds. The black and white combo is a lovely fit.

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