how to decorate a very small studio apartment

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Decorate withlight colorsKeeping your paint colors mild is a good studio apartment decor technique. White, light gray, or beige are bright, clean colors that make a tiny studio space seem more significant.

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  • How to decorate a studio apartment?

  • Here are some clever tips for decorating your studio apartment that will help you maximize your space without skimping on style. Not every studio apartment has a built-in entry, but if you have some spare wall space in a hallway near the door you can create a landing area with simple wall hooks or floating shelves and a small bench if space allows.

  • How do you style a small living room in an apartment?

  • Get the lowdown on styling small living rooms, below. Double-duty furniture pieces are an absolute must in studio apartments. Don鈥檛 just choose a bed 鈥?find one that has built-in storage underneath. If you don鈥檛 have room for a dining table, choose a coffee table that鈥檚 big enough for you to sit at when you have your meals.

  • Is your studio apartment short on style?

  • While your studio apartment may not be short on style, it’s almost certainly short on one thing: space. To help you make the most of it, we’re sharing 30 design ideas to make your little apartment feel bigger and function better.

  • How do you make a small studio space look good?

  • If your studio has super low ceilings, you can still include a seating area for yourself and guests to use. Just opt for lower furniture and have fun with color. Curtains hung well above the window impart airiness and height. A big mirror can also help brighten up the space and make it feel bigger.

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