how to decorate a wooden snowflake

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Make a large wooden snowflake to decorate your home this winter. The added lights make this project especially magical! Firstcut one 20 inch piece. Then a second 20 inch piece. Next, cut two 10 inch sections. Then cut eight 2 inch pieces. Sand each of your pieces to ensure they are smooth.

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  • How to decorate your home with snowflakes?

  • Snowflakes can be kept in your home till spring, helping your room decor look interesting and bright all winter. Make some winter garlands with snowflakes, use these beautiful shapes for windows, doors and wall decoration. Add snowflake ornaments to your Christmas tree decorations and holiday table centerpieces.

  • How do you make Snowflakes for Christmas stockings?

  • An icy blue linen sets off the flakes and both white cuffs are made from tea towels; one with scalloped edging, the other a tatted trim. You can use store-bought stockings here鈥攖o add snowflakes, simply insert a piece of cardboard into the stocking, then sew on your crocheted snowflakes using a needle and thread.

  • What materials are used to make a snowflake Garland?

  • Wooden and made with metal wire snowflakes, crocheted snowflakes and created with felt fabrics, these shapes and inspired by snowflakes decoration patterns, combined with seasonal colors, are ideal for winter decorating. 40 paper snowflake garlands for Christmas decorating, simple Christmas crafts for kids and adults

  • Are snowflakes the perfect gift for winter?

  • These DIY ideas are made from much more than just paper鈥攚ith their fanciful geometric designs, delicate snowflakes are the perfect inspiration for winter crafting sessions. As lovely as they are ephemeral, snowflakes are the stuff that winter fantasies are made of.

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