how to decorate above kitchen cabinets farmhouse style

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  • How to decorate above kitchen cabinets?

  • How to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets 鈥?[20 Ideas] 1 Cabinet Cutouts. If you鈥檙e handy or are installing all new cabinets, add in some faux cabinets with cutouts. The… 2 Clean Free Space. Less tends to be more when it comes to accents, so if you have a lot going on in your home or you… 3 Filler. …

  • Why farmhouse kitchen decor is so popular?

  • This style becomes popular when applied to the kitchen area. People say that the mixing of classic and modern decors gives a strong character to the area. A farmhouse kitchen decor is closely related to country style.

  • How to decorate espresso cabinets in a farmhouse?

  • If your cabinets are a dark espresso color, adding some gold or copper touches will warm things up and create a soft contrast. In this farmhouse kitchen, they used baskets to decorate on top of the kitchen cabinets. However, they kept it from looking cluttered by using mostly wire baskets which have a lot of open space.

  • How to decorate a farmhouse kitchen with barn board?

  • To accentuate the woods, use white as background color. This monochrome farmhouse kitchen utilizes barn board as racks to keep the utensils and cutlery on one space. The island stools are topped with recycled barn wood, too. Moreover, the black on the cabinet doors is a modern contrast to the white on countertops and walls.

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