how to decorate above white kitchen cabinets

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  • How to decorate above kitchen cabinets?

  • How to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets 鈥?[20 Ideas] 1 Cabinet Cutouts. If you鈥檙e handy or are installing all new cabinets, add in some faux cabinets with cutouts. The… 2 Clean Free Space. Less tends to be more when it comes to accents, so if you have a lot going on in your home or you… 3 Filler. …

  • What to do with the space between kitchen cabinets and ceiling?

  • This look works for a lot of kitchens, but if you have an awkward amount of space between your cabinets and the ceiling (as in not a little, but not a big wide open space, either) you might want to consider doing something small up there.

  • How to decorate above kitchen cabinets with faux flowers?

  • The eye will naturally be drawn upward toward your finds, which have their own particular place to stand out. Vases, vintage letters, and even books are ideal to display above cabinets. A series of pitchers filled with faux flowers is also an ideal way to fill the void.

  • How can I Make my Kitchen look like a kitchen without hinges?

  • Just fill the empty space on top of the cabinets with some wood, add some trim to create the illusion of cabinets, paint the space, and add hardware. No hinges necessary (but, there鈥檚 also not any extra storage in this hack). Adding some kind of script to your walls can look awful or great 鈥?it just depends on how you do it.

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