how to decorate an armoire

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Use the wall space next to the armoire and the floor space on either side of the furnishing for decorative accessories.Accent chairs,throw pillows,decorative mirrors,pottery,side tables,pedestal stands,and floor lampsadd creativity and versatility to an armoire-inspired room.

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  • How to decorate a bookcase or armoire?

  • Decorating with circular items is a great way to break up the visual bulkiness of a heavy rectangular bookcase or armoire. Clocks, round containers, bowls and decorative objects in round or oval shapes will make your top vignette more dynamic and interesting.

  • How do you decorate an armoire top?

  • Creating a display that fills the length of your bookcase or armoire top is ideal versus placing items just in the center of the unit. The entire impact of the unit will be greater if the display fills the space side to side. Adding color up high is always a good idea for creating impact.

  • Why is it important to decorate around an armoire?

  • Since an armoire is usually one of the largest and most dominating pieces of furniture in a room design, decorating around it helps it blend with the rest of the space without camouflaging its majestic features. Managing the space is an important part of decorating around such a large-scale furnishing.

  • Can you hang things from the wall in an armoire?

  • LAYER FROM THE WALL OUT While it is ok to display items solely on the top surface of your bookcase or armoire, hanging (or leaning) a decorative piece on the wall will draw the eye in and the piece will serve as a frame for the items positioned in front of it.

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