how to decorate angel food cake with strawberries

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  • How to make an angel food cake with strawberries?

  • Take a large casserole style baking dish and add half of the angel food cake chunks on the bottom of the dish. Smother with half the strawberries. For the last layer, add half of the whipped cream mixture and smooth with a spatula.

  • What do you put on top of angel food cake?

  • Step 13 鈥?Top your angel food cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberry topping (recipe below). I like to wait to add the strawberry topping until the cake is served so the syrup doesn鈥檛 make the cake messy looking. The strawberry topping is just fresh strawberries, sugar, and a bit of lemon.

  • What is in a strawberry Angel Food lush?

  • This flavor-packed strawberry angel food lush combines tasty layers of angel food cake, tangy sweetened cream cheese, whipped cream, and strawberries! Throw this dessert in the fridge and have it ready to serve when your guests arrive or for a fantastic after-dinner dessert!

  • What does angel food cake taste like?

  • This classic summer cake tastes amazing all on it’s own or served with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! This angel food cake is the lightest, fluffiest, and cloud-like cake you鈥檒l ever taste. Angel food cake is fat-free and has very little flour so it鈥檚 also one of the healthiest cake options.

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