how to decorate apartment bedroom

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Acolor scheme using dark or cool-toned colors like blues and greenscan create a calming effect in your bedroom. You can add dark colors with accent pieces like throw pillows, blankets, picture frames, and smaller pieces of decor. Or if you want to go all out (and your rental allows it), you can paint your walls your favorite deep shade.

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  • How do I decorate a small apartment bedroom?

  • A new paint job on a bed frame or nightstand can be just as impactful as new color on the walls. Use the furniture colors as a springboard for other small apartment bedroom ideas to incorporate into your space. Repeat the colors on accessories and linens for a pulled-together look.

  • How to decorate a small apartment with mirrors?

  • In any small space, using mirrors is a decorating trick that works wonders. They reflect light and make a space feel bigger. Hang a large mirror in your apartment’s dining space, living room, or bedroom across from a window, so it is in a prime position to reflect natural light back into the room. 24 of 33.

  • What are some good apartment interior design tricks?

  • A good apartment interior design trick is to use mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and can open up the size of a space. Hang a mirror near a window in a dining room or small bathroom to make those rooms feel larger and brighter. Tall mirrors can make a ceiling feel higher, as well as bringing illumination to dimmer parts of the room.

  • How to decorate behind a bedroom wall?

  • A little bit of paint, in the form of an accent wall behind your bed, not only adds a burst of color, but it also provides a strategic, visual separation between your sleeping space and living area. 4. Utilize narrow storage cabinets Plenty of cute storage options exist for filling awkward spots and tight spaces in your home.

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