how to decorate aquarium at home

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Top 5 Tips for Decorating an AquariumStart from the Bottom Up. When it comes to aquarium decorations,work from the bottom up. …Add the Right Rocks. After you鈥檝e placed your substrate,it鈥檚 time to start decorating with rocks. …Go Green. Live aquarium plants can prove somewhat tricky to work with,but they come with numerous benefits. …Other Natural Touches. Depending on the type of water that you use and the look you鈥檙e going for,you might wish to add some additional 鈥渘atural touches.鈥?/li>Adding Novelty Items. Finally,novelty items provide fun touches of whimsy to your tank. …

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  • Can you put decorations in a fish tank?

  • Always keep in mind that no matter what you add, you want to rinse it thoroughly before it goes in. Ceramics, wood, rocks, plastics, painted glass, coins, shells and corals may not be safe decorations for your tank. All decorations will need cleaning at some point.

  • How to decorate your aquarium substrate?

  • The first step in decorating your fish tank is choosing which substrate to use to cover the bottom. What Aquarium Substrate Should You Use? The first thing you want to consider is what kind of substrate to use. There are many different options. Do you want a sandy bottom? What about small gravel, or large? You can even use small stones.

  • How to clean aquarium decorations?

  • The hot water will help loosen any gunk that has collected. After they have soaked, wash them again using warm water, as this should have helped remove all the gunk, leaving them looking brand new. Cleaning your aquarium decor may seem like a tasking chore, but all you need is time and patience and to take it one decor item at a time.

  • How to give a theme to your aquarium?

  • Statues a great way to give a theme if you鈥檙e into certain backgrounds or religions. They can be found in almost any aquatic store. 11. Hills Hills with sand are a great theme to consider. Here we lots of trees on mountain tops with sand to provide a hill-like effect.

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