how to decorate around a large clock

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The best way to enhance the charm of a large wall clock is tofill its surrounding with different frames and paintings. In addition, you can use murals, season-inspired themes, lamps, and lights to decorate around a wall clock.

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  • How do you decorate a room with a wall clock?

  • Let your wall clock be the focal point of the room for simplicity. Since wall clocks are so large, they can hang on their own and draw attention to a specific wall. To keep your decorations simple, hang a large wall clock on one wall and leave the rest of the area bare.

  • What is the best size to hang a wall clock?

  • 10 Wall Clock Decoration Ideas (With Photos!) 1 Tip: Hanging a Wall Clock. When you are positioning a wall clock, you may wonder how high to hang it. The general rule of thumb is to hang your clock … 2 Oberon Oversized 60 Wall Clock. 3 Slocumb Round 29 Wall Clock. 4 Oversized Wall Clock. 5 Childersburg Marble 12.5 Wall Clock. More items

  • Why wall clocks make the best centerpieces for wall decor?

  • Some of the wall clocks designs are creative and make wonderful centerpieces for wall decor. Wall clocks in vintage style are fabulous also, while contemporary designs add modern chic and style to interior decorating without making you spend much on wall decorations.

  • What can you do with an oversized wall clock?

  • These oversized clocks are excellent in farmhouse or industrial spaces, but there is also a wide variety that can match more modern or eclectic styles. Pick a relatively simple design for your oversized wall clock 鈥?on such a large clock, too many details can be overpowering 2. Use One as a Dining Room Centerpiece

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