how to decorate around a large clock

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Uselight and dark colorsaround a large clock to make it stand out or blend in with the room鈥檚 decor. 7. If you have a mantel, use it to showcase your clock by adding other decorative items around it.

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  • How do you decorate a room with a wall clock?

  • Let your wall clock be the focal point of the room for simplicity. Since wall clocks are so large, they can hang on their own and draw attention to a specific wall. To keep your decorations simple, hang a large wall clock on one wall and leave the rest of the area bare.

  • What is the best size to hang a wall clock?

  • 10 Wall Clock Decoration Ideas (With Photos!) 1 Tip: Hanging a Wall Clock. When you are positioning a wall clock, you may wonder how high to hang it. The general rule of thumb is to hang your clock … 2 Oberon Oversized 60 Wall Clock. 3 Slocumb Round 29 Wall Clock. 4 Oversized Wall Clock. 5 Childersburg Marble 12.5 Wall Clock. More items

  • What can you do with an oversized wall clock?

  • These oversized clocks are excellent in farmhouse or industrial spaces, but there is also a wide variety that can match more modern or eclectic styles. Pick a relatively simple design for your oversized wall clock 鈥?on such a large clock, too many details can be overpowering 2. Use One as a Dining Room Centerpiece

  • What goes with a round clock on a gallery wall?

  • The juxtaposition of a round clock with more angular pieces of wall decor or shelves will elevate an eclectic gallery wall to a whole new level. Tip! For more advice on creating a gallery wall, check out our guide Gallery Wall Ideas to Boost Your Decor.

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