how to decorate around tv stand

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The easiest way to decorate a TV stand is toadd some vases,lamps,or pillar candlesto it. If you feel like getting more creative,you can always alter the TV stand itself with some paint and stencils. You can also focus on decorating the space around the TV to create stylish looks. Place items to either side of your TV to create balance.

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  • How do you decorate the wall behind a TV?

  • Floating shelves are a streamlined, minimalist approach to decorating the wall behind your television. Placed strategically, they can also create a sense of faux built-ins. Install one shelf the length of your TV across the top with two to three shorter shelves stacked on each side. Install a Gallery Wall

  • How do you bookend a TV stand with a wall?

  • 1 Add House Plants for Balance. House plants are a lovely way to bookend your TV stand and are good for your health, too. … 2 Mimic Built-in Wall Units with Bookcases. … 3 Hang Floating Shelves. … 4 Install a Gallery Wall. … 5 Paint an Accent Wall. …

  • How to decorate a TV stand for Christmas?

  • Use garlands and ornaments if you want to get festive. Drape evergreen branches or garlands along the top of the stand, just in front of the TV. Decorate the garland with ornaments and LED pillar candles. If you want to decorate for other holidays, try some of the following ideas:

  • What can you do with a corner TV stand?

  • Corner TV Stands Corner stands create a unique opportunity for decorating, especially models that feature open shelving on each side of the forward-facing doors. These nooks are perfect for a stack of books, potted succulent, or small sculpture. Decorating Ideas for Wall-Mounted TVs

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