how to decorate balcony railing

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String lights

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  • How to decorate a small balcony with planters?

  • If your balcony is small, then you can avoid using up space on your floor and instead hang a balcony railing planter to add some beauty to your living space. Different types of balcony railing planters offer different options, like saddle styles and brackets.

  • How to decorate a wooden balcony with PVC railings?

  • PVC railings are now widely used for the beautiful decorations of balconies. On the wooden balcony floor the black PVC railings will look astonishing. For better contrast, use the color of the brick on walls. Most of us have never seen the design of ornaments or something similar on the railings.

  • How can I decorate my apartment balcony for summer?

  • Indulge your green thumb by turning your balcony into a little urban jungle. This lovely outdoor space spotted on the German blog It’s Pretty Nice is covered with beautiful greenery and seasonal flowers. Covering the railing are black flower boxes. A simple bench on the right provides a little storage space.

  • How to decorate your balcony with string lights?

  • String lights can make your balcony more charming in the night when the sun goes down. Consider adding them lots of lanterns and candles. 8. How About these Fairy Lanterns

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