how to decorate bear cookies

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  • What are the best cookies to decorate for a Christmas party?

  • Elegant, light gold butter cookies are a classic choice, as is dark and spicy gingerbread. Light spice cookies hover somewhere between those extremes, with oatmeal decorating cookies offering a whole-grain option. And finally, two varieties of gluten-free cookie guarantee everyone in the crowd will be happy.

  • How do you make a sleeping face out of a cookie?

  • Dip cookie upside down into bowl of sprinkles. Gently turn right-side up. Step 3: Using tan icing, outline head area and fill in with a back and forth motion until filled in. Draw on two feet. Step 4: Using the black icing, draw a small nose and a 鈥渦-shaped鈥?sleepy eye.

  • Can you freeze cookies that have been decorated?

  • Finished (decorated) cookies can be frozen for up to a month. Chill cookie dough before rolling. For ease of handling, roll smaller rather than larger pieces of dough; keep unrolled dough chilled until you’re ready to work with it. To really nail your baking time, bake and cool 3 or 4 test cookies first, before baking the whole batch.

  • How do you make woodland animal sugar cookies?

  • Woodland Animals are so cute for fall birthday parties, baby showers or just for fun. To make these adorable Woodland Animal sugar cookies, you鈥檒l need to bake a batch sugar cookies (find my signature sugar cookies and icing recipe HERE) with the Woodland Animal cutters. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, the fun begins!

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