how to decorate big glass vases

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To do this, simply place alight garlandat the bottom of a large transparent glass vase. Ideal for composing a reading corner in a living room. In a bedroom or bathroom, to play with the intimate side, have fun creating a beautiful composition. In the tall glass vase, arrange floating white candles.

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  • How do you decorate a glass vase with flowers?

  • Consider using a stencil or painter’s tape to create designs using paint on the vase, or fill the vase with things like sea glass or flowers for a quick decoration idea.

  • How do you decorate a lace vase with mod Podge?

  • Decorate the vase using lace for a delicate look. Apply a layer of mod podge to the vase using a craft foam brush. Place the lace on the vase, pressing down on it so it adheres to the mod podge. Add a final layer of mod podge over the lace if needed. Doilies will also work well as a less expensive option.

  • How do you cover a glass vase with tissue paper?

  • Apply tissue paper to the vase for a textured look. Pick out which colors of tissue paper you鈥檇 like to use, and cut them up into shapes. Apply a layer of mod podge to the vase using a craft foam brush, and place the tissue paper shapes on the vase so they stick to the adhesive.

  • What are the best flowers for a clear glass vase?

  • Bright and colorful gerber daisies are an excellent flower to complete this look. Monstera leaves are a favorite for designers and florists because of their ability to cover stems inside of clear glass vases. Get the look: If you want to keep floral stems hidden from view, wrap the interior of the vase with two to three overlapping monstera leaves.

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