how to decorate big windows

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How to Decorate Large WindowsComplement outdoor colors by choosing a similar shade for your drapes.Go with a whimsical print for a lively look.Choose a ruffled curtain for a feminine look.Accent a bold-colored item in the room to create a focal point.Pick out lively curtains to frame your windows.See More….

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  • How do you decorate a large window?

  • If you have large windows that you want to decorate, there are lots of different options to choose from that will help enhance your window space. Choose from decorative elements such as regular drapes, valences, or roman shades to decide how much light you’d like to let in through the windows.

  • Is it easy to decorate a living room with large windows?

  • But they also come with their own challenges, decorating a living room that has large windows is not as easy as you might think. Since the windows are so large, they let in lots of natural sunlight and thus the room is already very bright.

  • How to style curtains for big windows?

  • You can style them in gathered patterns, leave them broad, or collect just one or two on either side while leaving the rest draping throughout the window for a variety of looks with the same set. When you鈥檙e planning to get curtains for big windows, you need to go big. Curtains have the power to change the entire look of a room.

  • How to design an indoor space with large window views?

  • This brings structure and cohesion to the indoor space while nature outside provides free-form contrast. Keep furniture at the same height so as to not distract from, or impede, your large window views. This is particularly effective in urban settings.

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