how to decorate bottom of christmas tree

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Place the largest Christmasdecorationstoward the bottomof the tree. Mix them up 鈥?all of the items don鈥檛 need to match. A tip from the professional treedesigners is to drill a hole into whatever you鈥檙e hanging if you need a spot to run a hanger through. Use cable ties, floral wire or pipe cleaners to attach large items to the tree.

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  • How to decorate a Christmas tree?

  • Here are some ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree. 1. Pick a Christmas decor theme 2. Do a decorations audit 3. Prep the Christmas tree 4. Start with lights 5. Add the garland decorations 6. Add largest ornaments first 7. Start from the top 8. Vary decorations 9. Think in 3鈥檚 10. Add the tree topper and tree skirt 1.

  • How to hide the bottom of your Christmas tree?

  • How To Hide The Bottom Of Your Christmas Tree. Tuck the box up under the tree branches and around your tree鈥檚 stand. Then, cover with a blanket or other fabric you may have around the house. I just pulled a throw blanket around the box and tucked it in underneath and over the top edges. You can secure it with tape in the back if you like,…

  • How do you hang lights on a small Christmas tree?

  • You can wrap the main wire around the circumference of the tree and wrap the individual strands of lights around the nearest branch and you might want to leave some stands hanging. Light sets wired like a garland or ribbon can just be laid on a tree like a ribbon pattern and tucked inside the tree.

  • How do I Keep my decorations from falling off the tree?

  • Make sure your long decorations (lights and garlands) are secure! Don’t have loose ends hanging on the outside of the tree or a pet or child will undo the arrangement, get tangled up in the strands or make the tree fall!

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