how to decorate candy apple sticks

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  • How do you put candy sticks in an apple?

  • At the bottom of each apple slice, make a small slice 3/4 of the way through, gently but firmly press a candy stick into the apple and push it up into the apple a bit. Place the apples on your parchment paper-lined baking sheets.

  • What do you put on Apple sticks for apple crisp?

  • All you need are some beautiful apples, chocolate chips, caramel bits, and sticks for your slices. You can also add chopped pecans or sprinkles to yours for more fun! Slice your apples about – of an inch thick and insert the sticks. Have a pan lined with parchment paper ready.

  • How do you harden candy apple slices?

  • Move quickly as you make each Candy Apple Slice, if you are adding sprinkles or decorative candies, you want to add them before the chocolate or caramel hardens. Place in completed apple slices (on the parchment paper lined tray) in the refrigerator or cold garage to quickly harden the chocolate. Be creative, there is no right or wrong.

  • How to make apple slices with chocolate?

  • Melt the chocolate you will be covering your slices in and with a spoon, spoon the melted chocolate onto one apple slice at a time, making sure you have coated the top and sides and secured the stick with chocolate. Gently flip it over and do the other side.

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