how to decorate chairs without chair covers

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  • How to decorate wooden chairs?

  • #1. Paint. Obviously, hand-painting your wooden chairs is an easy answer when it comes to decorating simple chairs. And even though it seems like an incredibly obvious answer, people have trouble diving into the project. They鈥檙e scared they may mess up or just don鈥檛 think of it as an option because they鈥檝e never done it before.

  • How do you make a no-sew chair cover?

  • Here鈥檚 a plan for making a no-sew chair cover: 1. Measure the back of the chair, from the top of the chair to just short of the floor. 2. Measure the front, starting at the top and going down to the seat cushion and then measuring along the seat and down to the floor. 3. Add all measurements together, allowing 1 1/2 inches for seam allowance.

  • How do you cover the back of a chair?

  • More Ideas: Slip large pillowcases over the backs of chairs to make instant slipcovers. T-shirts work great as chair covers for an informal dinner party. Using a strip of satin, tie a decorative bow in the middle and slip over the back of a chair. Use a loose chair cushion to add a new look to an old chair.

  • How to decorate wedding chairs for rustic themed weddings?

  • Another way to decorate wedding chairs for rustic themed weddings. Adding some flowers like sunflower or Baby鈥檚 breath will be gorgeous. 4. Ribbon If you already have chairs that you love the look of but need a simple update, then you can use long lengths of ribbon to decorate them.

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