how to decorate clear case

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Paint it

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  • How to decorate a clear phone case?

  • Your phone case is transparent and so it is easy to change the designs if you do not like it. In case you do not have a paper stash, it is best to choose old tissue paper or decorative old greeting cards. Cut the paper according to the size of your phone case and stick it to your clear phone case from the inside.

  • Can you put flowers in a clear phone case?

  • So it probably won鈥檛 surprise you to hear that we love the look of pressed flowers in a clear phone case. Make sure to dry your flowers before adding them to your phone case. Then, cut a piece of contact paper to size and place it in the case behind the flowers to keep them in place and looking beautiful. 2. Photographs

  • How to look cool with a printed phone case?

  • By using attractively designed phone cases. You can look so cool by picking a printed phone case based on trends. That stands only for four to five months. Then you have to buy another case of another trend which is an 鈥渦nwanted investment鈥? Instead, if you have a clear phone case, you can use it in your way.

  • How to make your phone case cozy and Cozy?

  • Stitch your cloth with a needle to the phone case on the backside. This will ease your long term phone usage distress. Also, this will make your mobile cozy enough to hold. Some people cover their phones with a clear case because of the external look that their phone has got. They do not want to hide the beauty of their phone.

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