how to decorate clear case

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Paint it

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  • How do you decorate a clear phone case?

  • 4 Ways to Decorate a Clear Phone Case 1 Photocards. I love when people use photocards in their phone cases. … 2 Stickers. Stickers are the cutest and easiest way to decorate legit anything. 3 Doodle/Draw 4 At Home Items. That’s all today. Make sure you check out my last 2 articles and follow me.

  • Can you use washi tape to decorate a phone case?

  • Yes, washi tape can be the perfect way to decorate a phone case! Before you start your DIY phone case adventure, make sure you have a clear phone case, washi tape in any pattern or color you like, X 鈥?acto knife, and cutting mat. Start from the bottom and cover the case with washi tape from the outside.

  • Can you put flowers in a clear phone case?

  • So it probably won鈥檛 surprise you to hear that we love the look of pressed flowers in a clear phone case. Make sure to dry your flowers before adding them to your phone case. Then, cut a piece of contact paper to size and place it in the case behind the flowers to keep them in place and looking beautiful. 2. Photographs

  • How to decorate your phone case with sequins?

  • All you have to do is stick them in a particular pattern on any plain phone cover. You can try stripes, polka dots, arrows, diamonds or any design you want. 3. Stary Stary Case Star shaped sequins look so cute.

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