how to decorate clothespins for baby shower

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  • What are the best DIY baby shower decorations?

  • DIY Baby Shower Decorations. 1 1. Paper Lantern Decorations. This doesn鈥檛 necessarily sound incredibly exciting on the first read, but just look at these Decorative Paper Lanterns. 2 2. Diaper Wreath. 3 3. Showering Umbrella. 4 4. Floral Balloon. 5 5. Oh Baby Tablecloth. More items

  • How many clothespin should you give for a baby shower?

  • Another option: Instead of just giving each guest one clothespin for the game, give them three to five each. This allows everyone to make a few mistakes when talking, which lengthens the game. This is ideal if you only have a few guests at the shower.

  • How do you decorate a onesie for a baby shower?

  • Keep baby wipes or soap and water handy to wash off stencils and fingers. Use a Sharpie to put each guest鈥檚 initials on the tag of the onesie they decorated so that mom knows who they鈥檙e from. Set up a clothing line with clothespins so that the finished work can be displayed and appreciated while it dries.

  • How do you decorate a baby shower activity station?

  • Here鈥檚 a really fun, modern idea for a baby shower activity-a onesie decorating station! Hang a mini clothesline nearby for guests to display their finished onesies. Mom-to-be will be thrilled to take home a handful of hip new baby clothes.

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