how to decorate cupcakes like a professional

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  • What do you learn in a cupcake decorating tutorial?

  • In this tutorial, you鈥檒l learn Cupcake Decorating Techniques, including how to frost cupcakes with different piping tips, and the best equipment to use for cupcake decorating. You鈥檒l learn how to decorate cupcakes like a PRO in no time! Frosting a cupcake can be a little daunting if you have never done it before.

  • What is the best way to decorate cupcakes for a party?

  • Ganache is a great choice if you鈥檙e decorating a large number of cupcakes. You can spoon it quickly on top of frosting and not have to worry if it gets a little messy 鈥?it will just look artsy.

  • How do you make cupcakes look good with frosting?

  • People eat with their eyes first, so make sure your cupcakes look clean and professional by using a piping bag to pipe your frosting on top. To get the traditional cupcake look, use a large star tip to swirl on your frosting. With a little practice, it鈥檚 a lot easier than it looks, and your swirls can make a big impression.

  • Should cupcakes be all the same size when baking?

  • When baking cupcakes, especially in large amounts, make sure to keep your cupcakes all the same size to ensure they bake evenly in the oven. That way, they look much more professional.

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